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Learn Photo365 is an Android app that teaches you photography techniques while you have fun. It’s great if you want a hands-on learning experience with a twist.

The app assigns terms you need to find using your camera. The objects occur randomly and often come in a particular theme. There are millions of combinations of ideas and challenges, so the variety of assignments is virtually endless.

You can also download a free version of the app in the Android store.

Learn Photo365 helps you improve your photography skills while you have fun. The app puts you on a scavenger hunt for subjects you need to capture on photo, allowing you to master the use of your camera.

The app assigns you terms to find. The assignments vary in terms of objectives, themes, environments, techniques, and camera settings. These elements result in millions of possible combinations, which means there are virtually endless possible assignments. You can opt to select assignments from a list or have the app give you one every day.

If you like taking selfies, you can also take the Selfie 365 challenge. This provides you with selfie challenges that are sure to up your selfie skills and ideas.

You can access all of the challenges offline. It can be downloaded from the Google app store for a fee. If you want to test out the app’s features, you can download the free version first.

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