Day Trading Academy
Day Trading Academy
by Day Trading Academy, LLC

Day Trading Academy

Day Trading Academy (DTA) is a trading learning platform that will teach you how to day trade. Their approach is simple and easy to understand even for beginners.

DTA divides its training program into 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, as well as Pro. They place emphasis on teaching how to actually read the market. The goal is not to make a million dollars a day. Instead, they teach how to consistently make money every day.

DTA aims to help individuals discover both the freedom and flexibility that a day trading career offers.

Day trading is considered as one of the more complex trading styles, requiring sufficient experience and knowledge of market movements to obtain the best profits. Day Trading Academy (DTA) is a trading learning platform that aims to help you develop the skills you need to effectively turn day trading into a lucrative career, as well as gain financial freedom. Theirs is no-frills approach that is focused not on software and market indicators but teaching you how to actually analyze and interpret the market and make the most out of it in the process.

DTA organizes training sessions with just a handful of carefully selected students—around 20 at a time. These are mentoring programs where you learn from actual, experienced traders and not hired speakers. As such, they are able to provide tuition on all kinds of market, whether it’s an up-market, down-market, or sideways market.

Classes are both live and recorded, the latter being recordings of past lessons which can be accessed through the Video Library. The curriculum is divided into and covers all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional. There are 19 chapters in total, covering basic information, as well as actual strategy. Throughout the curriculum, checkpoints, exams, and projects are distributed to test your knowledge and mastery of trading concepts.

A remarkable aspect of learning with DTA has something to do with trading practice. Unlike other schools and platforms where you practice via simulations, DTA exposes you to the live market. This is based on the idea that nothing beats the real thing when it comes to teaching the nuances and of the market. You don’t watch a simulation—you see your mentor trading live with their actual cash accounts.

While DTA gives you the freedom to follow a different strategy or even to create your own, they teach an approach called the Congressive Trading System. This strategy is touted to help you earn money even when you have lost trades. At the end of the day, the goal is not to help you earn a million in a day, but to consistently earn money every day.

To begin learning with DTA, just go to their website and enroll by clicking one of their “Let’s Get Started” buttons.

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