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To a Better Career: Bloc vs CareerFoundry

If you want a career that pays the bills and more, learning how to code could be your best ticket. Many companies recognize the value of a coding expert, whether it’s in building digital solutions or in improving the capabilities of their existing technology. This demand may very well be the best career opportunity if you have the skills needed.

Many websites today offer various courses on coding. Some of them promise a better career once you finish your studies. But how do you know which ones are able to deliver? How do you identify which schools will equip you for a better career?

In this post, we will compare two online learning platforms: Bloc and CareerFoundry. Their courses are perfect for both neophytes and veterans in the professional arena. However, they are among a number of schools that place special emphasis on coding for a career upgrade. This is unlike other platforms with courses for even coding enthusiasts and casual learners.

We will look at these two schools’ ability to give you the career you want. This involves looking at their teaching method and how they assist students after the completion of the course. By looking at what they do best, we hope to uncover how they can help you land a job or get promoted.


Bloc offers courses for people who want to become software or web developers, as well as designers. They pride themselves in what they call the Bloc Method, an approach that enables continuous development in their curriculum, mentors, and platform using feedback from their students. This way, Bloc ensures that their students’ needs are met. At the end of the day, Bloc aims to help their students achieve “Job-Ready” status.

How does it help your career?

Its courses are thorough. Whichever course you choose, you will learn the skills you need for the real world. The lessons cover both fundamentals and advanced topics. You will also learn how to use the tools needed in your chosen path. These include software, as well as relevant coding languages.

Its courses are quick. Bloc offers part-time courses which are great if you want to learn the right skills quickly. This is also great if you already have a background in coding and only need a refresher. However, even Bloc’s full-time courses are brief. The longest course is the Software Developer track, which can last up to 2 years depending on how many hours you commit to it every day.

You learn with a mentor. Bloc allows you to study with a mentor whom you meet with once a week. Your meetings are one-on-one. Your mentor’s experience will be their greatest contribution to your studies. They can help you find quick solutions and offer tips that can help you improve.

You get your own portfolio. At Bloc, you will go through assessments and real-world portfolio projects. You can use your accomplishments and experience to give your résumé a boost.

You learn with the user in mind. Ultimately, companies will hire you so you can help them serve their customers better. Bloc trains you with this user-centric mindset early on. For example, the designer track will teach you to create pages that offer the best user experience.

You are prepared to get hired. Bloc regularly reviews the best practices in job search and incorporates their findings seamlessly into their curriculum. As such, you will receive training and assistance in terms of networking and mock interviews. They will also help you with your job search.

You receive all-around support. Being part of Bloc means getting help from mentors, alumni, and fellow students. Not only will they give you tips for your course requirements, they can also help you find opportunities for employment.


CareerFoundry is a highly popular learning platform for people who want a step up in their career. They take pride in helping their graduates find positions in some of the top brands today. CareerFoundry delivers an express promise that you will find a job within 6 months after graduation.

How does it help your career?

It offers full and short courses. If you want to gain all the skills you need for your intended career, the full courses are perfect for you. CareerFoundry also offers 7-day short courses that are perfect for those who need refreshers. These are also ideal for those who want to get ahead of the race quick.

Its courses are precise. CareerFoundry does not offer an immense list of courses. In fact, they only have four: UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, and iOS Development. Unlike other schools offering generic courses, CareerFoundry gives you programs with intended destinations. These courses are highly in-demand these days, so completing them will definitely give you an edge.

You learn with a mentor 100%. Compared to other schools, CareerFoundry lets you learn from a mentor from day 1. Because of this, you gain more than just theory. You also acquire practical skills you won’t get in conventional lectures. You will benefit from your mentor’s insight and experience, particularly in solving problems and enhancing your creativity.

Its courses are quick and thorough. Depending on how many hours you commit to learning, you can complete a course in 3 to 6 months. You can ask for a 2-month extension anytime. Within this period, you will master the skills and the tools of your chosen trade.

It guarantees your employment. CareerFoundry guarantees that you will find employment within 6 months after graduation. If this does not happen, you will get your money back. They ensure this by incorporating résumé advice, placement guidance and interview preparation from trained tech career specialists into your chosen course.

It offers modules for career changers. If you already have a career but are looking to shift to one related to coding, CareerFoundry can help you. They offer elective modules specifically on getting hired in your new field. The modules include advice from global career specialists.

You gain support every step of the way. You will obtain the support of your fellow students and alumni, as well as your teacher in your quest for a job. Some students land a job because of recommendations from their mentors.

Both CareerFoundry and Bloc equip students with the skills they need for a great career. The inclusion of job search tips and help is also an excellent touch. If you want to begin or move to a career in coding, then these two schools are great places to start.

Final Note

While Bloc and CareerFoundry are two of the leading solutions to learn to code, they are plenty more available out there: you may want to check our coding page: some of the solutions listed there will surprise you!


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