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Inspiring success stories about learning online to get you started

Despite the growing popularity of online learning, many people continue to have reservations about it. Maybe you do, too. The brick-and-mortar classroom is still the image of education after all. But there is no denying that more and more people are enjoying the power and convenience of Internet-based learning. We’re not talking about hypothetical people either. These are real people with real success stories.

Opening new doors

Stay-at-home moms are among the greatest heroes of all time. Forget Superman—these home-based Wonder Women cook meals, clean the house, and take care of the kids day in and day out. They do the laundry, manage the bills, and get the groceries, too. It’s a tough job and most moms would agree. But ask them why they do it and they’ll tell you it has many rewards.

But what if a homemaker decides to pursue a different career? Whether it’s because of a financial necessity or a quest for self-fulfillment, doing so is usually hard. In a competitive job market, having the right skills is paramount to success. But when you’re too busy managing your home, how do you find time to make a bankable résumé?

Many stay-at-home moms are finding much value in the convenience of online learning. Most degrees require ample focus and commitment. Online courses, on the other hand, may be taken anywhere with an Internet connection. At times, you may even do your studies offline. You practically have the option to not leave the house at all. This alone is helping many home-based moms find a place in the corporate world.

Take Emiko Dodson of Sandy, Utah for example. Formerly a stay-at-home mom, she now works as a Junior Software Engineer at Orca Health. She had been interested in coding for a long time, so she decided to turn it into a career. Dodson enrolled in Bloc.io’s Software Engineering Track where she polished her skills in using languages like Ruby. She also joined communities for coders where she met her future boss. Today, she believes that her decision to enroll in a coding course absolutely changed her life.

Dodson’s experience proves just how online courses like Bloc’s makes it possible for housewives to cope with the competition. With enough dedication and effort, nothing should stop you from getting ahead.

Setting new heights

A promotion is a good thing. It means better pay and a higher standing in the office hierarchy. However, it also means greater responsibilities. If you want to impress your boss and serve your customers effectively, having the right skills is a must.

Speaking your customers’ language is a great way to build rapport and extend outstanding service. This is something that many managers in the hospitality industry are finding out. As such, many of them seek to learn commonly used languages, such as English.

When Cris took over the management post in his restaurant in Colombia, he knew he was up for new challenges. Among them was communicating with tourists, many of whom were probably going to be his customers. He turned to Voxy, a provider of English language lessons, to brush up on and hone his English skills. Cris said Voxy let him practice his restaurant dialogue. He even started conversing with people on different topics just for fun.

Cris’ experience demonstrates the relationship between a better skillset and promotion. On one hand, you’d need to learn additional skills to achieve that promotion. On the other hand, you might have to develop new skills in response to your new responsibilities. Either way, online courses can help you boost your credentials and aim higher. The good news is that you can do so without compromising your focus on your main job.

Putting the game face on

The road to success is not easy, but sometimes, all you need for a good start is the right mindset. A lot of people begin their journey only to be disappointed. The results are either too little or are trickling in too slowly. In either case, many end up quitting, failing, or leaving the quest for another.

An MBA equips you with the skills and knowledge for an exemplary career. It can also set your mindset in the right direction not only by enhancing your leadership skills, but also by placing you in contact with peers who are as hungry for learning and success as you are. But for a working individual or a business owner, an MBA might require too much of a commitment. Not only does it require you to attend actual classes, you may also have to shell out actual money.

Alternatively, an online MBA promises all of the advantages of a conventional MBA, but without the commitment. You learn at home or wherever and whenever you’re comfortable. Tuition costs around the same, but if you factor in extra expenses like housing and transport, as well as lost opportunities like the job you had to give up, you’ll discover that you actually saved up on a lot. You get the same subjects, the same professors, and even the same certificate.

Stanford University alum John Paul Ekins credits his experience with Smartly’s online MBA program for his business mindset. He believes that with his state of mind, he can confidently start his own business. He also feels that he will be better able to enact improvements in his organization.

Ekins’ experience proves that an online MBA can be just as effective in boosting your qualifications and your mindset. Your experience with your professors, as well as the people you study with, will definitely help prepare you for the tough game ahead.

There is little doubt that online learning will become much bigger in the coming years. Its benefits are real, something that the experiences of many students prove. If you are still deciding on a career or if you are thinking of moving to a new one, online education will help you on your way to success.


Text by RJY