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Excel University teaches courses on Microsoft Excel.

The courses consist of written text and video lectures, homework, and other resources. Your homework lets you apply what you have learned so far. You also get various resources, such as blog articles, as well as forum posts. The courses are ideal for accountants.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate to prove your skills. If you want to see if the course works for you, you can try it out for free.

Excel University’s various courses on MS Excel are designed with accountants in mind. They teach not only how to enter and organize data, but also to automate financial processes that used to take hours to complete.

Excel University takes pride in four aspects of their courses. First of these is the content of their lessons. Excel University’s courses are ideal for accountants and teach real-skills that are relevant to the actual needs of their intended learners. The lessons are meant to teach students not just to work fast, but also to work smart.

Second is their format. Lessons are delivered as video lectures and written text. The latter is for students to use in the off-chance that they miss something in the video lesson. Aside from videos, you will also be given hands-on assignments and workbooks where you can apply what you learned. You will also receive helpful resources, such as articles, blog entries, challenges, polls, exercises, and forum posts. The lessons can be learned at your own pace.

Excel University pride itself in the materials and handouts it provides its students. Over the course of your enrollment, you have access to all available study materials. These include HD videos, manuscripts, solutions, and the course materials you will use in your studies. While you may purchase actual reference books through Amazon, you may also access all the references in their Resource Library.

Last is their instructor. Certified Public Accountant Jeff Lenning authored the courses. He also presents them in the video lectures. He has an impressive background in his field and is highly experienced in MS Excel. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Certified IT Professional, and Microsoft Certified Excel Expert.

Excel University offers a trial course which will give you a preview of how lectures are conducted and what you get with the actual lessons. But if you want to really get started, you need to register and leave your payment details. Your fee will give you a year of unlimited access to everything Excel University has to offer to their students.

You can choose from two versions: Lite and Full. The Lite version costs less, but only gives you access to the lecture videos, solutions videos, and exercises for a year. The Full version adds in Continuing Education Credits, the forums, quizzes and corresponding feedback, a final exam, and a certificate of completion.

You can begin training immediately after you have settled your payment. If you encounter the need to focus on other things, you can pause your studies and just resume it at a later time. Just remember that your payment is good for only a year of access. You can also take the final exam as many times as you need to pass.

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