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ABA English

ABA English offers its users a natural way to learn English through interactive video classes based on real life experiences.

The multi-device app offers 6 levels of English, from beginner to business, and is centered on films. These are comparable to immersion which lets you quickly absorb new vocabulary and expressions, making progress really fast.

ABA English offers both free and premium options. The latter gives you access to all their content, an online teacher who will guide you according to your progress, and a certificate upon completion of each level.

ABA English’s method in teaching English follows a precise order with 8 different sections: Watch a Film, Speak, Write, Interpret, Watch a Video Class, Practice with Exercises, Learn Vocabulary, and Run an Assessment. When you start your first lesson, you are asked your level of English, to which you can choose Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Business.

Step 1 is to watch an ABA film. This typically lasts between 1 and 2 minutes. You can choose to watch them with or without subtitles.

Step 2 is about speaking and pronunciation. You will see the sentence you have previously heard, and you will have to speak them out loud. You have the option to hear them again if needed (no video, sound only). Obviously, you need to activate your microphone for this section. This step falls into the well-known Listen-Record-Compare method.

Step 3 is about writing, where you will be prompted to write the sentences you just heard (which are extracted from the video lesson). In this dictation exercise, you will improve your spelling and comprehension skills. There are more sentences than in the short video, as the context of the sentences has been extended. The ABA software only tells you if you are right or wrong and doesn’t provide any indication or hint on where you committed your mistake.

Step 4 is interpreting a character shown in the initial video. You will have to pronounce the sentences that appear on the screen. This step improves your fluency.

Step 5 is a video class. A teacher will walk you through the grammar that appeared in the video. It feels very much like a classroom, but you have the option to pause or repeat the video as needed.

Step 6 is a set of exercises. These activities are related to the grammar lessons you just watched and are a great way to practice. Here again, there isn’t much guidance on where your mistake is. The aim of this section is to consolidate what you have just learned in the previous steps.

Step 7 improves your vocabulary. You will go through an extensive list of words that have been touched throughout the section. This will build up your vocabulary and teach you how to pronounce the words correctly by once again following the Listen-Record-Compare approach.

Step 8 is the final test. To pass, your marks must be at least 8 out of 10. If you don’t achieve this score, you will have to repeat the test.

All the lessons/sections can be skipped, although you need to be aware that the test can’t be passed if you have not finished all the previous sections of the lesson. The videos are self-made. Sometimes they look a little ridiculous as they are not always realistic.

ABA English offers two types of subscription: ABA Free and ABA Premium. With ABA Free, you have access to 144 video classes. The first complete unit for each level (beginner to business) is free as well so you can try out the method. With ABA Premium, you have access to all the courses materials, and you will get a certificate for each level you pass. You can also talk to a private tutor who will guide you.

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