Kanso - learn Japanese
by Jason Cornwall


Kansō is a new iOS app allowing you to learn the fundamentals of Japanese in an extremely simple and effective way. Just like the app design indicates, Kansō focuses on the most important concepts of the language, allowing a focus on building solid bases. The grammar lessons are broken down into chewable pieces allowing to grasp its core with ease.

All the courses are available offline, so you can keep polishing your Japanese whenever you feel like. To access all the app content, a subscription (currently at $1.99 a month) is needed.

You will find the Kansō app on the Apple App Store. After signing up, the first screen will propose you 8 courses choices: Hiragana (the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet), Basics, School, Verbs, Verb Vocab, Week, Weather, Katakana (another, more complex, version of the Japanese alphabet). Only the Hiragana and Basics courses are for free: to access the other ones, a subscription is needed,

At the time of review, the app was in version 1.0.0 and didn’t offer the option to have a Japanese keyboard popping up during the typing exercises, making it simply impossible to type the correct answers if you don’t have the Japanese alphabet set-up on your device. We believe this will be soon fixed and will update this review accordingly.

With Kansō, all the lessons are made simple, allowing you to focus at only one core point of the language at once, making sure you will focus on the most important. Like other language learning apps, it focuses on daily language skills and not theoretical concepts.

The author mentioned that more courses will be added monthly and previous courses will be updated on a regular basis. Currently, the app is only available on iOS. The basic version is free but to access all lessons, then a subscription (currently at $1.99 a month) is needed.



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