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What if practicing a new language was as easy as sending a friend a message? This convenience is what Tandem aims to deliver, combining both messaging and language-learning platforms in one app. As a result, it is easier than ever to exchange language know-how with learners from other parts of the world.

Tandem specializes in language exchange. In this process, you talk with other users who speak the language you want to learn. Through your conversations, you learn from them, as well as they from you. The app is free for download on the iOS and Android app stores.

Tandem makes it easy to learn a new language by connecting you with native speakers. The app combines messaging and language-learning platforms, creating an avenue where you learn through practice and actual conversations.

At the moment, Tandem supports 8 languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and French. Through the app, you can find native speakers with whom you can communicate. In the process, you develop your skills in their language, while they learn from you in return, too. You will also develop a better understanding of other cultures. This process is aptly called “learning exchange.”

To get started, all you need to do is download the app and select the language you want to learn—Tandem does the rest. The app itself has adequate features to support your studies. It is able to do audio and video calls, and deliver text, picture, and video messages, as well as a text correction feature that’s perfect for adding your inputs and suggestions. You even have the option to create topics so that you converse about subjects you find interesting.

The app now has around 3 million users from different parts of the globe. This means that you can definitely find someone who can be your friend and partner in learning a new language.

But what if you want a more professional approach? No worries. Tandem also offers the assistance of professional tutors who will conduct 1 on 1 discussions with you over video chat. Each tutor offers their services for a specific price and on a specific schedule, so finding one that fits your time and budget is never an issue.

The app is available for download free on the iOS and Android app stores.

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