Developer Essentials by Udacity
by Udacity, Inc.

Developer Essentials by Udacity

Do you want to become a developer but are on a budget? Udacity’s Developer Essentials are online courses that will equip you with the right set of skills for free. These aren’t just any free lesson either. Some of the top names in the industry, such as Amazon, Google, Nvidia, and more, approve of the courses.

Developer Essentials cover a wide range of courses, which range from Beginner to Intermediate levels. You can finish most in a couple of days, while others may take more than a week to complete. All courses feature industry pros as teachers and include quizzes and rich content.

If you want to become a developer, Udacity offers a fast, easy, and budget-friendly way to do just that. Developer Essentials is a cluster of free courses aimed at equipping you with the skills every developer must have today. These courses are approved by some of the top names in the industry, such as Amazon, Google, Nvidia, and IBM, among others.

Developer Essentials cover a wide variety of courses classified from Beginner to Intermediate. Most courses can be completed within a few days, although some can last for more than a week. Each course is composed of several video lessons delivered by industry professionals. Each course also includes rich learning content, quizzes, and support from Udacity’s active community. You also learn at your own pace.

At the moment, Developer Essentials cover everything from writing READMEs to building your very own startup. You can access these courses by creating a free account with Udacity. Once you select a course, you will be taken to a dashboard where you can access your lessons, quizzes, and even the community forum. In case you miss a lesson or two, no worries. You can download the videos, as well as the transcriptions, free of charge. You may also search for specific segments of the lesson through the built-in function.

You can also download the Udacity app through the iOS and Android stores. It allows you to watch your lessons through your mobile device for all-out convenience.

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