Programming Foundations by Coursera
by Coursera, Inc.

Programming Foundations by Coursera

Coursera’s “Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS” is a 4-week course. It aims to help you understand programming concepts and use them to build your own websites.

Duke University faculty members created the course. They also discuss the topics in the video lessons. Included are quizzes and readings, as well as graded exercises to enable hands-on learning. You will earn a final grade and a certificate once you complete your studies.

“Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS” by Coursera is a beginner course that aims to teach the foundational concepts of programming, as well as help developing problem-solving and actual web development skills. This means that you can complete the course even when you do not have prior experience in coding and programming.

The entire course lasts 4 weeks when taken 3 to 7 hours per week. It is composed of video lessons, quizzes, and readings. Graded exercises are provided at the end of each week to test how much you have learned and enable hands-on learning.

Before you even start your studies, you may check your list of readings and references from Coursera’s site. Your teachers are members of the Duke University faculty and are the creators of the course. They discuss through video lessons while the topics are demonstrated in the background. This effectively simulates a real-world classroom and makes you feel like you are in a live discussion.

The first week covers basic HTML and CSS, and how you can use them to construct websites. At the end of this segment, you will be designing a webpage using the aforementioned languages. You will also learn how to construct interactive programs using JavaScript.

During the second week, you will learn algorithms and different programming concepts. This includes loops, functions, and conditions, among others. You will also learn to locate bugs and solve existing problems. You graded activity at the end of the week will test your knowledge of programming concepts.

Week 3 involves JavaScript, but in greater detail this time. You will learnt to create buttons, converting images to grayscale, utilizing events, and using HTML5 canvas. Your lesson will also include using green screens. At the end of the week, your activity will test how much you have learned about interactive webpages.

The fourth week is focused on your MiniProject, which has something to do with image filters on the web. This segment discusses steganography, although it does so through readings more than videos. At the end of the week, you will be tested on your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaSCript. You will also have another exercise on steganography. Submitting all of your graded assignments is essential to passing the course.

After completion, you will receive a certificate proving the skills you have developed from the course.

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