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0 is one of the most comprehensive learning platforms for programming today. They offer courses, tutorials, as well as guides on a wide variety of coding-related topics.

Scotch is a great resource if you are looking to acquire the right skills for a career in programming. They teach you the most in-demand coding languages, as well as the trade’s best practices. Learning is hands-on—you master skills by creating your own apps. You can then use these to create a portfolio for your incoming career.

You can start learning at Scotch for free and then get a subscription to access all its content. is a massive, comprehensive learning platform for programmers. There are three kinds of content you can get from this website: courses, guides, and tutorials. All of these content cover the most in-demand skills and languages you need to become a truly capable programmer. You don’t just learn theories either, you learn the best practices of the trade, too.

Scotch’s courses are divided into two: regular and premium courses. Most regular courses are accessible even with a free account, while premium courses can be accessed only with a subscription. The courses cover a wide array of subjects, such as Angular, JavaScript, React, Vue, HTML, CSS, Git, Sublime Text, Emmet, Sass, Node.js, Laravel, Gulp, Browserify, and ASP.NET. Premium courses are fewer and cover the same topics, but do so with a more focused approach.

A single course is composed of a number of lessons and may be several hours long in total. Each lesson is discussed in videos that last for a few minutes. The videos feature clear instructions and portray on-screen demos for greater comprehensibility. You can bookmark lessons so you can get back to them anytime with ease.

The platform goes beyond the typical video lessons, employing hands-on learning for optimal learning by letting you create your own apps. Not only does this give you sufficient experience to build your own apps from scratch, you also gain entries into your portfolio, helping boost your chances of getting hired after completing your studies.

Guides are more for beginners, offering convenient paths toward mastery of the given subject. As of this writing, Scotch offers guides on four topics: AngularJS, Angular, React, and Laravel. Just like a typical course, a guide can be composed of several videos and may last for a few hours overall. They are also classified into neat subdivisions which are very easy to follow. You can bookmark guides as well, just like the courses.

Tutorials are written content featuring instructions on how to perform certain tasks. The outcomes are specific and are great if you have certain projects in mind. They range from listicles to tips on how to master certain skills or tools. They provide links to useful resources. Because they are written, you can go back to them anytime in the off-chance that you miss certain instructions.

Most of Scotch’s content is available for free. Even some of the lessons under the premium courses can be accessed for free. You can enter the site and view entries like the guides and tutorials simply by getting a free account. Other capabilities are writing your own posts, liking favorite entries, bookmarking content, and joining the forums.

You can also enter Scotch School, which offers all the perks of a free account along with a few superb extras. You get access to all premium content, including downloadable videos. You also get to track all the content you have completed so far and enjoy Scotch without the inconvenience of seeing an ad. You also get access to live chat where you can ask for clarifications and assistance anytime. You can settle your payment through major credit cards and PayPal.

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