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Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy offers free courses that will help you acquire a better grasp of how the market works. After completing these courses, you will develop a better understanding of investing and making money.

At the moment, Online Trading Academy provides three courses free of charge. The first title (How the Financial Markets Really Work) discusses what makes the market tick. The second title (How to Retire with More Money than You Need) helps you manage your funds for the future. The last (The Lost Decade) discusses the year between 2000 and 2010. It also talks about how you could have made money during said period.

If you want to learn basic information about trading, but do not have the cash to spare, you’ll be glad for Online Trading Academy’s free trading courses. There are three at the moment, and while they may not be as comprehensive as most other courses on the subject, they do offer enough information to get you started.

The lessons are presented via videos that last more or less than 15 minutes. Each of the three videos covers a specific topic which is then discussed as thoroughly as can be. To help you understand the subject, graphical presentations are provided.

The first video is entitled “How the Financial Markets Really Work.” This course discusses the different elements of the market. It also tackles how you can changes and imbalances in factors such as supply and demand to predict changes in the market’s direction. You can then capitalize on this information through a simple, rules-based strategy that involves low amounts of risk.

The second video is “How to Retire with More Money than You Need.” This course talks about retirement and common misconceptions about it. It educates you on the common fees associated with retirement, and how to prepare for them. At the end of the day, this course teaches you to take control of your future finances and invest with your long-term objectives in mind.

Finally, the third course is “The Lost Decade.” It talks about the period between 2000 and 2010 which experts consider remarkable for the lack of change in investment accounts. The video proposes that this is untrue, but that the period offered opportunities for investors to have earned much. The course discusses how you can earn despite such a market condition.

The courses are all free and can be accessed after you register for an account at no cost. If you want additional courses, you may also visit Only Trading Academy’s website.

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